Welcome to Bob’s Blog!

Here you will find a collection of “glimpses into my rear-view mirror” written in 500 words or less. I lovingly refer to these as my “Fast 500”. The idea is to quickly dash off 500 words about something from the past that has found it’s way to the surface of my brain. The topic could be a childhood memory, a poignant moment with my wife, my children, or even my grandchildren. These are gems and insights that can be enjoyed quickly and someday might be stitched into a best-seller.  The Fastest Gun Alive is an exception to the “500 rule”.  It was written on the occasion of Glen Ford’s death.  Anyway, I hope you will enjoy these little glimpses into my past and come back often for a tear or a chuckle. Thanks for your visit!

Photo (Circa 1964): Self-portrait of a younger Bob as the writer he always wanted to be. Yes, those are glasses, yes, that is a cigarette, and finally yes, that is what was called at the time, a typewriter!